The Surf Force Team!

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Shaun Holmes
COO at TaskFeed
Shaun is the COO of Taskfeed and has participated in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 10 years. Shaun started Surf Force in 2016 when over 700 people lost their jobs in a Welsh town called Aberavon, where he surfs regularly, and he wanted to help. He knew that these people would be looking for new opportunities for work and that the Salesforce eco-system was desperate for people to work as administrators, coders, developers, architects and consultants and that, thanks to Trailhead, the barrier to entry to these roles is far lower than most people expect. The event was a huge success and now runs annually.
Scott Gassmann
Solution Architect at Skedulo
Scott started off in 2008 as an internal Salesforce expert in a family Accounting practice in Australia, he then moved on to Cloud Sherpa’s as a Salesforce consultant which brought him to the United Kingdom, since then Scott has moved to Skedulo where he is now a Salesforce Solution Architect! He is knowledgeable in all things Salesforce with 12 certifications under his belt! Scott hits up his local Admin and Dev user group meetings in London as often as he can and when not kicking ass in the salesforce arena
Kerry Townsend
Associate Manager at Accenture
Kerry started working with Salesforce in 2005 and as an Admin since 2006. She is currently an Associate Manager at Accenture Cloud First (Salesforce Consultant) with her main focus as a Marketing Cloud Lead. Kerry is an inspiration to WIT with 9 certifications and presented at Dreamforce 2016. She is the Marketing Cloud User Group leader and co-organised London's Calling. Kerry is a Salesforce diehard spending some of her spare time doing Salesforce activities, she also loves to dance and has a hunger for learning new things!
Mick Wheeler
Lead Developer at Brightgen
Mick started his Salesforce journey in 2008 as an admin then moved into dev field for a salesforce end user, in 2014 he became dev/consultant and has recently started a new role at Ovo Energy as a Lead Developer. Mick is 5 times certified and a frequenter of both the London Admin and London Dev user groups. When Mick is not tinkering around in Salesforce he is riding his Honda CB600, build electronic things and coding!
Marcelle Braithwaite
Senior Consultant at Cloudshift Group
Marcelle started her Salesforce career in 2013 as a complete career change. Her career has grown from Chatter Admin to Global Product Manager / Admin to recently landing a role as a Senior Consultant for Cloudshift in London. Marcelle was part of the Trailhead Blazer blog series, is 3xSalesforce certified with a couple 3rd Party App certifications up her sleeve. She is passionate about all things salesforce especially the ever growing community. She can be found either brunching on weekends or sneaking in some Trailhead Badges in Airports lounges on her to her next weekend getaway! She is now a charging Surfer!