Call for Speakers!

Got a great idea you want to talk about? Read on!

At Surf Force the Environment, specifically the Seas & Oceans, are at the forefront of our minds. This year we will have one main speaking track as this means we all learn together. Surf Force is organised by volunteers for the Salesforce community and its wider ecosystem and as such the content will be delivered by people just like you. If you would like to speak at this unique event or have an idea for a talk you would like to see please selected the appropriate option and submit your ideas in the form below.

We are particularly interested in sessions from people that:

  • Work for an organisation that puts the welfare of the Ocean at the heart of what it does and Salesforce enables you to do it.
  • Work for an environmental charity focusing on directly/ indirectly on the Oceans who either use Salesforce or want to, as we would like to hear about the challenges you want to or have solved with technology.
  • Have had either personally or professional overcome or taken on a challenge at scale or has parallels with reducing the use of single-use plastic. How have you changed behaviour either inside or outside your organisation.
  • Have any idea for using IOT or AI to solve an environmental/ Ocean problem, this would ideally use the Salesforce Platform but we looking to be inspired so it doesn’t have to.
  • Have ideas for solving a ‘wicked problem’ relating to the environmental/ Ocean this could be a concept and again would ideally us the Salesforce Platform or Heroku, but we are interested in all tech options.

Our focus this year is on how we affect change to prevent waste ending up in our seas and oceans.

Even if you are not one of the above you can still make a difference and we still want to hear your ideas and innovative ways that you use Salesforce.  We believe that we make the biggest advances when we cross-pollinate ideas from parallel but varied sources.  A Diversity of thoughts and ideas that inspire us to think broader and bigger. You never know how your story might inspire someone in a way that you didn’t expect.