What is Surf Force?

Surf Force is a Salesforce Community Event designed to enrich its community through sharing of knowledge, new business ideas and philanthropic opportunities.

Why do we run Surf Force?

We believe that the people in the Salesforce community can help to change the Ocean’s ecosystem for the better through the use of technology.

How do we deliver our vision?

Through empowering content & guided hands-on activities

What do we do?

Surf Force is an annual life-changing networking event with 3 major parts:

1. Surfing together in the sea,
2. A beach clean-up followed by logging the types of trash for worldwide research,
3. Educational sessions with inspirational experts.

Why should you sponsor or attend the event?

No other event offers such an intimate sharing and learning setting. (The event is limited to 100 people).
By surfing together, your attendees will solidify newly established relationships, an experience unique to Surf Force.
We hope that you bring members of your team so you can learn ways we can protect & help the environment together by learning from passionate experts and practical beach cleans.
Your brand will be associated with a meaningful, productive and educational event.

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